Weddings at the Hondo Iris Farm


In response to a number of requests concerning weddings at the Iris Farm, we are pleased to announce the details of our wedding program.


We can service up to 150 people; the wedding can be held either in the lower garden or at the back of the upper garden. Wedding visitors are subject to the Iris Farm rules: No alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises, no touching of flowers or shrubs, visitors must stay on paths and not walk in flower beds, children must be supervised and not allowed to run or climb trees, dogs must be on leashes, and all litter must be picked up. Iris farm personnel will on site to politely assist.


Wedding parties are allowed to decorate the wedding area, provide chairs if desired, and provide other decorations.   The putting up of wedding decorations, time of decorating, location, etc. must be coordinated with the Hondo Iris Farm Staff and no decorations will be allowed that will harm flowers or shrubs.  All decorations must be removed within two hours of the closing of the ceremony and all trash put in trash bins.  (Hondo Farm personnel will dispose of trash.)  Parking is available in the parking lot across the county road with a capacity of 60 cars. (Other parking is available along the county road.)  Cars can be driven into the Farm area for loading and unloading of decorations and wedding guests.   Restrooms are available in the gallery for parties of less than 40 people; a porto-poddy  must be rented through the Iris Farm for parties of more than 40 ($90.00).  The bridal party is welcome to use the gallery to change clothes:  two bathrooms, mirrors, and the gallery area are available.


Weddings can be held after 4:00 PM, with the ceremony to end and all festivities over by 6:30 pm. (It is cooler and prettier in the late afternoon.)


The minimum charge for a wedding is $250.00 for ten guests or less.  For a small wedding, the total amount is due at the time of scheduling.  In case of cancellation prior to the wedding, the entire amount will be refunded.


For larger weddings, 11 or more, the cost is $250.00 plus $7.50 per planned on guest.  A deposit of $250.00 is due at the time of scheduling, with the balance due one hour prior to the event.  Again, in case of cancellation prior to the wedding, the entire amount will be refunded.  Porto-poddy fees are not refundable unless the wedding is cancelled one week prior to the scheduled event.


If a reception is to be held and any kind of refreshments are to be served, there is an additional $200.00 fee and a security deposit of $150.00 dollars. The security deposit will be refunded at the close of the event after all decorations have been removed, trash has been cleaned up, and any possible damage to the garden has been assessed.


Contact:   575 653 4062.  Hondo iris Farm, PO Box 166, Hondo, NM 88336